5 on the one side and an old

5 ‘actually nice’ bars around
Khao San Road that make daytime drinking okay


Khao San’s diversification in
recent years has been a slow and steady one. Straight-off-the-night-bus
backpackers still flock here to drink, sleep and move on, but the famous strip
has started to draw in other travelers from across Asia, as well as young Thais
wanting to let loose for the night.

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As a result, there are now
plenty pubs and bars around the area that we’d go as far as describing as…
actually quite nice. Most of these cater towards those with a little extra cash
to splash – yet still retain KSR’s synonymous fuck it let’s have a bucket


We’ve managed to round up 5 not-even-that-bad
places to drink around Khao San Road that take the guilt out of daytime Long




Buddy Beer


Want to drink at the hi-so
House on Sathorn but made the silly
mistake of wearing shorts in a tropical climate? Then Khao San’s Buddy Beer is the
next best another option. The main alfresco drinking area is squeezed in
between a teak Thai-style house on the one side and an old colonial mansion at
the back, which makes a charming backdrop to enjoy their buy-2-get-1-free
afternoon happy hour.


FB: facebook.com/Buddy-Beer-Wine-Bar-Seafood-413040905568698/




Madame Musur 


Madam Musur is our
go-to hangout each and every time we’re in the vicinity of Soi Rambuttri, a
five-minute walk from the main road. The simple winning formula here lies in
the venue’s layout; you can either hide away at the back and lounge around on
their comfy cushions, park yourself up at the bar for some chit-chat with the friendly
staff or grab a seat at the front of the shop for some casual farang


Unfortunately, Madam
Musur’s Northern Thai cuisine is not its strong point, not matter what their
printed-out and framed Bangkok Post feature says. Last time, their Khao
Soi consisted of a skinny chicken drumstick plopped in a bowl of flavorless
yellow water, while their Gang Hang Lay wasn’t much better. Best make it
a liquid lunch.



Superflow Beach Club


Superflow pushes the
whole concept of ‘Bangkok’s first ever city beach club’ about as
far as it can go; think – real sand beneath your toes as you sit back in a deck
chair while sipping a bucket of sweet, florescent liquor underneath a palm
tree. Yep, it’s that kind of place.


Granted, the tropical
vibes are gimmicky, but thanks to the spacious seating options, good selection
of TV screens and relatively low prices, we rate it as at least maybe better
than your average Khao San bar. Expect things to get busy late at night. FB: facebook.com/superflowbeachclub


At-Mosphere Rooftop Café


Okay, you can’t actually
drink here in the daytime because it opens at 6pm – but that’s still basically lunchtime
for most people staying around KSR.


Anyway, as the name
suggests, At-Mosphere Rooftop Café is a ‘rooftop café’ located a few sois
up from Khao San Road. Even though it sits atop a budget hostel, a lot of the
crowd here are young Thai students, and as a result, the food and live music
both aim to appease local tastes. The views from the top aren’t exactly Lebua
Sky Bar – but then again, a bottle of Singha won’t cost you 400B. FB: facebook.com/atmosphererooftopcafe/





Streats Bar


Another decent
people-watching spot, Streats is the name of the newly-renovated bar/restaurant
on the ground floor of Ibis Styles Hotel. The plentiful seating options all
look out onto the upper section of Soi Rambuttri, with Khao San reachable
through a small alleyway linking both roads.


Streats is open pretty
much all day and remains relatively quiet throughout. Do look out for some
tempting food and drink promotions like their beer and a burger deal for 209B (18.00-20.00


Website: www.ibisstylesbangkokkhaosan.com/restaurants-bars/streats-bar/