A an important factor in the human body

A neuromuscular junction
is when a synaptic transmission leads to the contraction of the skeletal
muscle. In short, we have the synapse in the middle of a motor neuron and
skeletal muscle. The neuromuscular junction is an important factor in the human
body because it dictates whether we can move and function, if the neuromuscular
junction were to fail us then we would all be in a paralysis state.

          A simple and easy way of explaining
the Neuromuscular junction is that it involves muscle contraction and in order
for that to happen it is crucial to know the events of the motor neurons. It all
starts with something called action potential, which is an electrical potential
that corresponds with the transit of impulse that goes through the membrane of a
muscle cell, that then depolarizes the axon terminal, calcium channels or also
known as the voltage gate opens, then the calcium ions rush towards the
terminal and the vesicles (are like bags filled with calcium) that contains
calcium migrate all the way to the end of the terminal. Next the vesicles start
to fuse with the plasma membrane of the terminal and acetylcholine goes freely
towards the synaptic cleft. Acetylcholine receptors that are at the end of the motor
plate attach to acetylcholine which then the sodium channels open, know as a
ligand-gated, which causes a dash of sodium ions to go directly into the
sarcoplasm. The action potential is then constructed into the sarcolemma and
the action potential spreads throughout it. Action potential then journeys down
through the transverse tubule, which is a deep well that is ran into the interior
of a fiber. This causes a somewhat trigger in the sarcoplasmic reticulum so it
can free calcium ions into the sarcoplasm. Then calcium attaches to something called
troponin and tropomyosin which allows a cross bridge to form. This whole
process is what happens when your muscle contracts. This picture below is just
some simple steps of the neuromuscular junction.

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