Code not knowingly endanger or mistreat a minor

of Ethics

Copeland | Education 1301 | CRN: 22375

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Ethical Conduct, Practices and Performance

   Educators shall not use their professional
status as an educator to gain or fraudulently misuse money for their own
personal wealth. Educators cannot change grades or falsify records for
retrieving gifts or personal preferences. They will conduct themselves in a
respectful and moral standard. The mistreatment/misconduct of children and
school employees will not be tolerated. Educators shall not refer or assist
another educator in employment especially if it is known that educator is in
violation of the law by mistreating or had a sexual relationship of a child.
The educator will not abuse their power of position or mistreat any one for
their own benefit.

Conduct Toward Professional Colleagues

   An educator will not discriminate against
any colleagues no matter their background or culture. The educator will not be
involved in any violence or promote violence towards any colleagues or any
individual who files a disciplinary form. Educators will not exchange sexual
favors or special treatment to advance in their career. The educator will
follow all written policies and laws given by the school board, state and
federal laws that are in place for hiring, assessment or termination.

Conduct Toward Students

   Educator will not knowingly endanger or
mistreat a minor that will affect the minor physically, mentally, and cause
learning impairments. An educator will not physically hurt a minor through
mistreatment, neglect, and abuse. An educator will not have inappropriate
communications with a minor through any technology and social networks. The
educator will not exclude a student from participating in programs based on
race, religion, gender, color, disabilities etc. The educator will be morally
and lawfully appropriate and be respectful to the needs of a student, and will
not mistreat or misrepresent the student in any manner.