I of cricket at international level test cricket,

                             I am the one who like cricket there
are numerous sports played throughout the globe for instance soccer, cricket,
field hockey, volleyball, baseball etc among all these sports the sport I like
the most is cricket. From an early age of my life I am much inclined towards
outdoor sports and cricket is one of the outdoor sports, which is probably one
of the reasons why I like it.

                               Whenever I am
stressed I like to play cricket as it work as a stress reliever for me
additionally it also made me physically fit and mentally active. Firstly cricket
was just simple game for me but now it has become my passion and it the first
ever sport that I have played.  During my
vacations and off days when there was nothing to do my friends and I play
cricket all day long in the backyard of my house. Since I was child I am very
curious to know about rules and regulations of cricket for this often watch
cricket tournament that is broadcast on television.

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                               Cricket is basically played
with bat and ball along with consideration of some rules and regulations. In
this sport their two teams comprises of eleven players each that play against
one another. In every match there are two umpires to ensure that game is fairly
played. Cricket is multifaceted sport and has a multiple format. At international
level there are all-in-all three format of cricket at international level test
cricket, one day international and twenty20 international.

                                I have lot of memories
with this sport that I will never forget, one memory that is worth remembering is
cricket match that my team won during my school days it is something that I
will never forget.

                               Cricket is most
enthralled sport for me as it brings me immense happiness and wellbeing.
Playing cricket re-energizes me and additionally it also improves my stamina
but a part of all these fun and excitement that I get playing this game is main
reason why like cricket.