Introduction:The decisions. The client’s needs and wantsThe client

Introduction:The client is the person who owns the business and the one purchasing the mobile devices for the end users. The end users are the installation engineers.  The wants are something that the client and users don’t need but wish to have whereas the needs is something the business cannot function without. By using mobile technologies the business will have a wider range of communicating, therefore resulting in better and quicker decisions. The client’s needs and wantsThe client for this are the installation engineers. The engineers already through their company use mobile phones and laptops to make the installation faster and easier. However, the client wants use other mobile technologies to make their work more efficient. Therefore, they need a device that can help significantly with costs, time saving and profitability. This way the business can finish their work quicker meaning they can do more jobs in one day resulting in more revenue.The end users’ needs and wantsThe end user wants the installations to be completed at a much faster rate which can allow the engineers to have a more flexible working hours and finish work earlier. However, this may not be the case for the clients as finishing quicker means they can do more jobs within the same time. Moreover, if there is a problem with installation, the engineers want an instant solutions to the problems. This can be accomplished through contacting the help team back at the office through their phones. For example they can call, text or even use video conference so that they can find the best solution and finish the work there and then, instead of coming in on another day to do it. In addition to this engineers do not want to carry lots of device or big devices. A solution would be to carry one phablet that has all the software uploaded and embedded devices such as cameras, speakers, touch display.SolutionThe solution that I have come with is for the end users (installation engineers) to take a phablet that will have the businesses software installed within. The software will provide notifications that includes, addresses, phone number and details that come under the customer’s names. This will allow the engineers to be more prepared and use time efficiently. Once the address is received it can show you the GPS location of the customer and the products that need installing. This function makes sure that the engineer is prepared with the tools and the products. This will allow the engineers to be more prepared and use time efficiently, leading for the business to make more revenue.LimitationsInternet connection:The internet can be a limitations to engineers and the business. Since engineers have to move from area to area to install, they will need a constant internet connection through a data network company. This is because some device features cannot be used without internet. They business will need to purchase data plan which will be expensive as each tablet that’s used for installation will need it.Maintenance:This is a big limitation to the engineers as they would need to charge the tablets often before using it for installation. Similarly, there is a chance that the phablet can break due to an accident such as dropping it. This can be expensive to change or to buy a new replacement.Cost:Purchasing these Phablets and devices will be expensive. To add to the expenses, the business would need to purchase many of these devices. Bandwidth:The phablets need high bandwidth so that the engineers will always have signal and strong data connection so that they can easily communicate between the office employees, customers and clients.Operating System (Target Platform)As for the operating system, between IOS and Android, IOS system is better suited to the purpose of the phablet. An example of an actual product that can be used is the IPhone 6. The IOS system provides a faster interface that allow smooth use of the features. This will make it easier for the engineers to use the software and changing between apps. Another benefit of IOS is that all the information can be stored and backed up through the iCloud where information can be retrieved when needed to by using the ID. IPhone can be used to easily communicate as it has iMessage. Also, IOS is more secure as only Apple can make changes to their system. However, compared with Android and Windows system, IPhone 6 is expensive. Compared to the other operating systems it is limited to the customisation. Since it will be used as a work phablet so doesn’t need customisation so it is not a big disadvantage.PrototypingPrototyping will be used to test out how the use of the phablet will change how much work is finished. The engineers will be given IPhone to see if it does make the job more efficient. If it produce positive results it will be implemented to all the installation engineers and to other parts of the business.InterfacesHuman ResourcesA software designer is needed for the software to be uploaded onto the phablets and office desktop computers. The engineers need to be trained on how to use the software and features so that they understand and can explain to the customers if required. They can be trained through online video or within the workplace. They will need the software designer to explain the details. A software developer is needed to test the software to check the performance and security. Technological Solution for BusinessCostSince the IPhone is going to be used as a work place there is no need to spend extra money on the newest phones on the market. Therefore an IPhone 6s would be suitable phone as the price range is from £449. The IPhone 6 will have a storage space of 32GB memory. This is an upfront cost with a contract as phone network service is required for communication and to use features. It uses the newest IOS operating system that allows for Wi-Fi and quick charge with a 14 hours talk time and 10 hours internet usage. The phone has a 4.7 inch display and has dimensions of it are H138.1, W67, D6.9 mm.The features on it include calling and answering which are available on most smartphones. Text can be received and sent between smartphones, these make it more faster to communicate between the users and clients. In addition it has internet connectivity which enable users to check updated weather and social media pages; apps can be downloaded as well. Moreover, the users can check installation dates through the calendar using detailed information such as time, place and location all on the calendar app. Also, on the app, the user can set reminders which will notify the user of tasks, making sure all installations are completed. It has GPS which can locate the houses and find the fastest routes. As for the upgradable software the iphone 6 was originally had the IOS 8  software. However, it can be upgraded to IOS 11.Size of devices and compatibility of devices It is easily carried around in pockets. Moreover, the phone can be used on the cars as a navigator leading to the locations, it can be setup on a phone holder attached to the front windshield. However, there are some limitations with the IPhone 6. A 4.7 inch screen is smaller than its successors the IPhone 6 plus and onwards. These have screen over 5 inch which means if dropped, the chance of screen breaking is higher. This mean that it has a less chance of the screen breaking due to a fall when used by the user which can happen because of the heavy physical movements involved when installing the products.RiskAll businesses must follow the Data Protection Act 1998 which states that employee data must be kept secure and cannot be lost. The main risk is that personal information such as name, address, phone number and even credit card information be lost or leaked and therefore misused against the user. In extreme cases this can be things such as robberies. For the IPhone which uses the IOS is very protective as only the Apple company can use the information received from the public usage of the phone. Another protection Apple phones have in place are Touch ID which is a fingerprint scanner so if the phone is stolen or lost now one can access the users or businesses information. Also, businesses have to follow the Computer Misuse Act 1990 as well which prevent people from within the business from accessing or changing other people’s information. Apples solution is to allow only certain authorised personnel to access these information with passwords.ConstraintsThere are environmental constraints that can affect the work of the engineers. They would need to have phone services and network connections for them to use the important features of the phone. However, if a place in a rural area requires installation but there is no signal or connectivity, the engineers cannot communicate with the staff or the customers. Therefore using and network provider with a larger range such EE would mean most area will be covered allowing the user to collaborate with other staff.There are skill constraints as there may be a lack of skilled individuals who can maintain and fix the companies software so that there isn’t any issues when the engineers use the phones. Moreover, the users must be trained on how to use the software. Upgrading can be done when new upgrades are released which will improve the phones software so that the interface is smooth. However, upgrades for older models phones such as the IPhone may not be released as the seller will want customers to buy newer phonesData Protection Act 1998 must be followed by the business, it is to protect personal information on computers and devices from being stolen changed or deleted. It makes sure that information of people working within the business will not be leaked and be compromised. The Computer misuse Act 1990 must be followed by all businesses. It protects from unauthorised access and changing the data. The battery life can be drained due to heavy usage as the users will visit many places in one day and use the features on the phone a lot, therefore the users will need to charge the device often. This can be done by charging while using the GPS when driving to locations.