Six children. Gradually the father starts to miss

      Six Characters In Search of an Author


Six characters in
search of an author is an Italian play of Luigi Pirandello. When the play
published its audience and critics had various opinions related to this play. The
earlier performance of the play was something confused, but in 1925 in the 3rd
edition Pirandello explained better ideas 
and conveys a clarified structure. Six characters in search of an author
is something different, here we can see a play within a play.

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            The play is about story telling of actual characters to
the actors. There are two plots, one is the reality and other is the acting or theater.
The play begins in a stage where the rehearsal of Pirandello’s play ‘Mixing it
up’ is taking place, the actor and actors entering the Prompter another
character is waiting for manager in order to begin the rehearsal. Leading lady,
leading man, are the other actors. But after few minutes the rehearsal gets
disturbed  because of a unexpected
entering of six people. Then the play continues with these six characters. All
of them belong in a single family and their wish to find a director for telling
their family story. All six characters names are symbolic the father, mother,
step daughter, son, boy and the girl. After visiting the Manager they say they
are enquiring for an author for performing their story and request these six
characters will be able to perform the role. The Manager tries to throw them
out of the theatre, but later more intrigued when they described their story. The
father who started,to telling story mother but now she fall in love with his
male secretary. So having these bored life with her father say to her to leave
with his secretary. But the mother begins a new life and has three children. Gradually
the father starts to miss her and father still loves them. Meanwhile the
Manager asked them why that lady dressed like a widow still having her husband
living, then they explain her lover is died. After other man dies the mother
and her children return to the city. She gets a new job in Madame Pace’s dress
shop, but Madame Pace issuing her daughter as a prostitute. Then the twist is
the father  went to the tailoring shop in
search of a girl for enjoying his good time. Accidentally he chooses the step
daughter the father trying to seduce her. It interrupted by her mother’s
unexpected entering the room. After this incident father came to the mother and
accept the whole family and invites to live with him, it caused his son to
resent them for intruding in his life.

After hearing this Manager agrees
to start the play the scene where the father is in the dress shop that meeting
the step daughter. But ther both the father and step daughter protest that it
will be not realistic. Finally manager stops the play and allows continuing the
story. For the second scene Manager forces the characters to act it in the
garden of the father’s home. The mothe approaches the son and tries to talk to
him, but he refuses. In the garden  he
sees the youngest  daughter    drowned in the fountain and rushes over to pull her
out. In the process, he spots the step-son with a revolver. The young boy
shoots himself, causing the mother to scream out for him while running over to

After understanding whole scene, the Manager has unable to tell if it is
still acting or if it is reality. Exhausted with the whole thing, then the
Manager shouted  against all and he
regrets that he lost whole day for this absurdsity.