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Social Classes need to be around for a society to function correctly.
Without Social Classes society as we know it would fall apart. Some may
argue that Social Classes are unfair and divides us, and to this day this is
the most important issue sociologists talk about. Social Classes are vital.
Every Class helps out with at least one of the other groups within the
society, but without Social Classes the society would fall apart and become
unorderly, and without social structure society would be become
unbalanced because there would be no clear path of power.
Every one class helps out with at least one other class. Stated in the
text from the book, The Ancient Chinese By Virginia Schomp, “peasants
were the backbone of the society because they provided food on which the
entire empire depended on”, this one class was important to the entire
empire to survive or else the empire would enter a deep famine. In Ancient
Egypt the nobility would provide jobs and distribute food to the classes
under them, you can find this information on Ancient History Encyclopedia.
This means that without the nobility, the lower classes would not get the
jobs or food that they would get with the nobility. Soldiers had the
responsibility for the defence of their country this information was found on
History on the net. Without the soldiers protecting the civilization there
would be war and no one to protect.
Without Social Classes the society would fall apart and become
unorderly. Stated in an article from the website called UDEL (University of
Delaware) “Clerical-administrative, provide support for professionals,
engage in data collection, record-keeping”, this shows that without this
class there would be no support for professionals or any record-keeping.
Stated in website Hierarchy Structure “The Service Class-this part of
Japanese social hierarchy work on the salary basis”. If this class was not
around in Japan how would the workers get their pay? In the book Ancient
Egyptian people
By: Sarah McNeill The visor would supervise law and order, tax collection,
crafts and trades. Without the visors, no one would supervise tax collection
and trades the whole system would be messed up.
Social Classes control the amount of power the people get so it is not
too much or too little. “Most Farmers were lent a plot of land, either by the
government or by rich landowners. In return, these Farmers would have to
give their landlord a large share of the produce they grew. Usually a
government tax collector would come to claim this” this quote is from The
Ancient Chinese By: Lai Po Kan, without the social classes farmers that are
part of the Chinese society would steal land from others and no one would
have to right to bill them or stop them from doing this, the society would
become uncivilized. Stated in the website Hierarchy Structure “Business
Class – These are the people who are the mega business owners in Japan.
These business professionals rule the country in means of economy…”, this
means that without the business Class in Japan, Japan would have a
failing economy. According to the text in History on the net “The Pharaoh
was believed to be a God on earth and had the most power. He was
responsible for making laws and keeping order, ensuring that Egypt was
not attacked or invaded by enemies and for keeping the Gods happy so
that the Nile flooded and there was a good harvest” without the social
classes and the power boundaries the pharaoh could do whatever he or
she wants. They would rule with an iron fist and no one would be able to
stop them.
It is crucial that Social Classes are a part of society. Without Social
Classes there would be no harmony between the people. Without Social
Classes society would fall apart and become unorderly, each class helps
out with at least one other class in that civilization and some may become
too powerful while ruling with no mercy causing the community to become
uncivilized. Social Classes allow a community to be civilized. Social
Classes have a clear path of significance.