Summary such as industrialization war, the unknown and

Summary 6: In
the Landscape

photography is used for many different industries, such as tourism: brochures
and postcards etc, google maps, gardening books etc. These industries depend on
landscape photography to be able to sell a product or showcase a place, and
therefore that image must be aesthetically pleasing. There are now, also many
techniques of how to capture certain landscapes, for example, thermal imaging,
aerial mapping and sonic imaging. A landscape image shows the point of view of
a space, an environment, and sometimes includes human presence. However, it is
said that landscape photography tells too much of the truth about a place. In
paintings, the artist can exaggerate and accentuate the beauty in the image.
Paintings show the idealistic view of the world, the picturesque beauty in
nature. Whereas in photography, the image will show exactly what is there, and
that is mechanical and industrial, which is the complete opposite. The word
picturesque originated as Italian, meaning the point of view of an artist.
Picturesque landscape photography is also known as the beauty spot, and uses
the beauty of nature to escape the real and industrialization of the world. The
famous early painter, Claude Gellee was able to combine all the best and most
beautiful parts of a scene and create one landscape image. The other type of
landscape is the sublime, other known as the black spot. The sublime is
associated with danger, threatening and fearful. Everything ‘ugly’ in the world
– such as industrialization war, the unknown and the dark etc. Nevertheless, it
is ultimately the artists decision of which style they want to create, and thus
which emotions they want to convey. For example, a forest can be beautiful
nature, flourishing full of growth. However, it can also be isolated, enclosed
and terrifying. Dependent on what the photographer/painter wishes to promote,
is whether they choose a picturesque or sublime style. In the nineteenth
century, a specific photographic vision was identified, bringing a factual
category into the mix. To produce an aesthetically pleasing photograph, the
artist needs to focus on the composition of the image. Viewers are attracted to
symmetrical and proportional beauty. One of the earliest techniques of
photography was panoramas, which is still being used today to capture many
different views of a landscape. 

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