Sustainability sure it’s available in the future. Biological


Sustainability is a tool that maintains resources over a
long period of time and make sure it’s available in the future. Biological systems, such as wetlands or forests are good
examples of sustainability, since they remain diverse and productive over a
long periods of time. However, sustainability has to with preserving resources
and energy over the long term than exhausting them quickly to meet short term
needs or goals. Sustainability accounting addresses the relationship
between the triple context economic viability, social responsibility and
environmental protection/responsibility. First, sustainable human activities must
protect the earth’s environment. Secondly, people and communities must be
treated fairly and equally particularly in regard to eradicating global poverty
and the environmental exploitation of poor countries and communities. And
lastly, sustainability must be economically feasible, human development depend
upon the long term production, use, management pf resources as part of a global
economy. When these three pillars connect they are described as sustainable. In
three same way it can also be described as 3 part model as plant, people and profit.
Sustainability accepts the fact that it enables companies to offer qualitative as
well as quantitative dare about the management of the environment, social and
human capital, and the priorities of corporate governance. This information
provides information for investors, creditors and management that can be used
to fairly assess the performance of a firm.

 The importance of sustainability encourages
and provides incentives for change rather than mandating change, and the three
pillars of sustainability emphasize this incorporation. Similar, sustainability
looks for coordinated innovation to create future that merges environmental,
economic and social interests rather than setting them in opposition. On the
other hand sustainability is the most important aspect in our society.

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