The from: Every year Toyota brings all

The chain of command is the formal line that
describes how the authorities are divided from the highest authority to the
bottom in each organization.

The chain of command principle is ancient, but
it has not been used in any organization until the twentieth century. Two
individuals–the French engineer Henri Fayol and the German sociologist Max
weber, Max weber contributed much to our understanding of this principle, Fayol
made what’s called the fourteen principles of management in his book general
and industrial management, his fourth principle was unity of authority, which
is called the chain of command in these days (Reference for Business, 2018).

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Since their hard work in explaining the chain of
command’s function and its benefits, the chain of command became one of the
most important organization structures.










Figure 2.4.4. Mr. Akio Toyoda, the general
director of Toyota.  Source from:


The general director of TOYOTA Mr. Akio Toyoda
has 65 directors and I’m here talking about the managers who has important
position in Toyota’s chain of command, But in the near future Toyota is going
to hire more managers, for more invention, technology and marketing (Toyota,
Executives, 2018).

One of these hard workers is Mr. Takeshi
Uchiyamada, he is the chairman of Toyota since 2013. He also had so important
role in leading and development of Toyota Prius, best-selling hybrid electrical
car in history (Automotive News, 2017).  


Figure 2.4.5. Chain of Command of Toyota. Source from:


Every year Toyota brings all the managers from around the world to
discuss about the future of the organization, Toyota also has about 320,808
employees and sells its products in 170 country and regions worldwide, which
makes it the world’s fifth-largest company. But in the same time the company’s
headquarters in Toyota city, Japan (Toyota, 2017)


The general director of Huawei Mr. Ren Zhengfei
and the founder of Huawei, and he has more than 27 director and supervisor who
hold degrees and masters from the best universities in China and Asia (Huawei,
Board of Directors, 2018).

Figure 2.4.3.Chain of command of Huawei. Source

One of them is Mrs. Sun Yafang the director of
the training center, she holds bachelor’s degree from Chengdu university of
Electronics science technology.

products and services are used in more 170 countries and regions worldwide that
means one-third of the world’s population using Huawei products, all of that
hard work is done by 180,000 employees who has great experience in
telecommunication and invention, and they are really having good and nice
relationships with their managers those who has more authority in the
organization (Huawei, 2017).

 As you can see Huawei has
24 directors and supervisors and about 180,000 employees, which means shorter
chain of command which provides better communications and saves time, and the
employees have better relationship with their managers.

Because of that we’re seeing the really fast
improving of Huawei organization comparing to the other organizations which has
similar products like Samsung and Apple.

As we can see Huawei organization is choosing
their directors carefully, because the structure has to be based on high

On the other side, we have Toyota organization, which has a long
chain of command.

The disadvantages of
having a long chain of command are more than the advantages, the communications
will take longer time between the different levels of the authorities, which
makes it harder to make decisions, and difficult to have that work environment
which keeps the employees motivated and inspired.

And this why I think Toyota is going to hire more directors in the
near future, because  a lot of things will change in the future, so Toyota
is going to have more directors who has more expert and knowledge of invention,
technology and marketing.

from my point of view, if Toyota wants to still the world’s fifth-largest
company in the world, they should make easier communications in their
organization by hiring more directors, and give them more authorities, because
that will save more time to solve complex problems, also that motivates the
employees to work harder to get a promotion.